Although the life of a securities lawyer can be routine and mechanical at times, it doesn’t always have to be this way!  Last year, around this time, my wife Missy saw on Facebook that the Property Brothers: Buying and Selling television show (an HGTV show for those not familiar) was going to be filming in Nashville during the summer, and the post invited those interested in being on the show to submit an application.  Our family had watched the show before and liked the renovations they did, and we thought it would be a fun experience for our family, so we decided to go for it and submit an application to see what might happen.  Well, after some interviews and waiting, we learned in the spring that we had been selected to be on the show.

Filming occurred over six weeks in the summer, during which we moved out of our house and lived in an Airbnb.  While having to move out of our house was inconvenient and stressful at times, the experience of the show as well as hanging out with Jonathan and Drew Scott (the brothers) and their crew was really fun and memorable for us.

Our episode aired on HGTV last week as the season finale.  A link to it is below.

It was also posted on YouTube by a third party if you search “Property Brothers: Buying and Selling, Upping the Budget.”